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The Columbus Medical Research Foundation (CMRF) is a private, not-for-profit organization founded in 1957. The purpose of the CMRF is to sponsor medical research and seminars or other educational endeavours, primarily in the field of rheumatology. To this end, the CMRF offers annual grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

Project Priority/Time Horizon:

Research/Seminar Objectives:

The research/seminar objectives supported by the CMRF are, in general, the following: (1) to improve clinical practice, (2) to improve patient outcomes, (3) to improve patient access to care, (4) to improve the quality of patient care, and (5) to reduce unnecessary health care expenditures.

Application Procedures:

Applicants must complete the CMRF Grant Application and mail it to: Columbus Medical Research Foundation, P.O. Box 21481, Columbus, OH 43221. Applications also may be submitted via email to; however, a signed hard copy must follow in the mail.

Applications must be received by May 1. Questions may be directed to

Review and Award Procedures:

Complete applications will be reviewed by CMRF Board Members. Review criteria for research projects include: (1) originality, (2) significance, (3) scientific soundness, (4) feasibility, (5) qualifications and experience of the Principle Investigator. Review criteria for seminars include: (1) originality, (2) significance, (3) intended audience and (4) qualifications and experience of the speaker(s).

Applicants will be advised of the award decisions in September.

Responsibilities of Awardees:

Awardees must recognize the support of the CMRF in seminars, scientific presentations and publications. Awardees also must provide a brief written progress report 1 year following the award decision. For research projects, the report should contain a brief summary of the results gathered to date and the name of the journal or conference where the results will be presented. For seminars, the report should contain confirmation that the seminar did take place.

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